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Pure Grit is a premier off-road wheel manufacturing company based in Southern California.


This was a ground floor start-up brand for off-road wheels, that needed it all. The brand name, identity and tagline I developed set the tone and positioning for this wheel manufacturer and its entire line of off-road wheels.


I developed the company name, Pure Grit, as well as the tagline “Own the Dirt”, inspired by the rugged nature of the wheel line, and the always-serious-dedication to play and work ethics off-road driving enthusiasts adhere to. This is Pure Grit Off-Road and it’s how you can own the job, own the adventure, own the dirt... whatever it is that drives you. Own it.


After the naming stage, I designed the logotype and related brand identity, packaging, wheel cap design, sales sheets, web banner ads, and social media page branding. I am proud to say this critical launch was a huge success and Pure Grit is now a well-recognized leading name in off-road wheels.

PureGrit Wheel & CenterCap
PureGrit Truck-Michaels
Pure Grit Wheel Box
PureGrit web banner Ad-2
PureGrit web banner Ad-1
PureGrit Sales Sheets
PureGrit Christmas Card
Pure Grit-iPhone-Black-Social
Pure Grit-iPhone-White-Social
PureGrit Koosie
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