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It’s a companies presence in a competitive environment. It’s their business on a shelf and in a catalogue. It’s everything they are and everything they make. Because we live in a brand conscious world—I’m not just packaging their product, I’m packaging their company.

And it’s got to sell—

Salsa Lisa 15oz Salsa Line
Salsa Lisa 148oz Salsa
Kepi Kit Retail Package
Kepi Luxury Product Package
Capa Foods Couscous
Capa Foods Olive Oil
Aquiesse Mindful Candle Package
Aquiesse Mindful Product Packaging
Maui Bath Works Soaps
Bonjour Bagel Coffee Line Packaging
Twin Palms Private Label Olive Oil
Twin Palms Private Label Wine
WheelConcepts WC-77 Wheel Wax
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