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Calavo Growers, Inc. is an international consumer food products company headquartered in California. The company packages and distributes avocados and other fruits, as well as fresh prepared food to restaurants, grocery stores, and individual customers worldwide. I also must say, Calavo avocados really are the best commercially available avocados in the world.


I’ve had the privilege to have concepted and designed over 20 annual reports and multiple packaging projects for this blue chip client. While producing their annual reports, I managed designers, writers, photographers, illustrators, and production teams—as well as ensuring that budgets and schedules were met. Many of the years I was the lead designer myself. All annuals I was involved in included coordinating work done by the creative writer and the investor relations firm, selecting the photographers, models and locations, and art direction of photography or illustration, to oversight of final production and press checks. In essence. managing and producing the entire project from inception to delivery. And yes, I did get quite a few delicious avocados, guacamole and salsa following our shoots.

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